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Marketing Solutions
Business Growth

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Phase 1:Analyze

HOW: First, we take a look at your overall company, sales, goals, and existing marketing. 
Together, we determine what is working and what is not.

Phase 2:Plan

HOW: Next, we work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan based on what we found in our analysis --ensuring this plan will meet your sales and growth goals. 

Phase 3:Connect

HOW: At this stage we engage your customers via advertising and marketing solutions suited to your business and customers. We ensure you are where your customers are. 

Phase 4:Grow

HOW: And finally, show you the milestones reached through utilizing our solutions. 
Proving Marketing Solutions for Business Growth.

YDV Group

YDV Group (Your Design Vehicle) is a Niagara-based marketing agency providing marketing solutions for business growth.

Implementing solution-based marketing strategies through branding, creative content, design, management, planning and analytics, while teaching the SMB (small-medium business) marketing know-how. We become part of our clients' team. 

We engage your customers through:

  • branding, creative design & copy writing
  • web design and content management
  • email, social & SMS marketing
  • event management & public relations

Debi Katsmar

"We pride ourselves in being able to offer an individual service for an individual business. We work to develop a marketing strategy within the parameters of our clients' budget, knowledge, staff and time constraints to help grow their business".

Our marketing solutions will help you grow your business. Find out how we can tailor a strategy to get you on your way to success. 

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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CASL is here - now what? Are you panicking?

CASL is here - now what? Are you panicking?

Posted Jul 8th, 2014

Is my list in jeopardy? Can I still send emails to that list? Can I email prospects? How do I comply? My database is useless - now what? Does CASL apply to not-for-profits. I need help where do I go?

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Our New Website LAUNCHED!

Our New Website LAUNCHED!

Posted Jun 2nd, 2014

We are pleased to finally launch our responsive website - a site we can be proud of. So often, we fall victim to the 'shoemaker's kids syndrome' - not any longer.

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